Mobile Apps

Android Apps

Following modern technologies and trends from the world of android, programing and Java programming language, our team of the developers is capable to produce applications which can easy and efficient adapt in your dynamic and changing environment. We shape solutions capable to adapt to all your demands and conditions..

iOS Apps

It is widely known that Apple devices are unique and produced for a specific customer group, which refuse compromises regarding performance, design and efficiency. We are a team of professionals who develop customized applications for iOS using Objective–C programming language, and therefore make your device even more unique.



Fast growing number of mobile devices put a totally new challenge to the companies. The need for a mobile device management system, which integrates insensibly into your business processes, became real. You need a component that implements your security policies in the mobile devices, manages your business applications and gives your employees secure mobile access to your IT infrastructure. We have solutions for that..

Track your costs / Cost management

Use applications and manage your company’s costs. We are assured that mobile phone costs of your company are predictable, they are easy to control and can remain within the bounds of their contract tariffs. Applications could reduce roaming and data costs or to cut costs of PDA devices. Using applications is faster, efficiently, economically and user friendly solution for your business.

Stay secure

Information and data are the treasure of your company and you don’t want to lose them. But mobile devices are perfect for letting infos and data into wrong hands. Not necessarily. Use them to secure your treasure. They could be the safest devices if you install appropriate apps on them.

Application Control

Do you have the time for testing all the apps at the various application stores that your employees access, for any potential risks? Wouldn’t it be more practical to have access to an application directory where you could check ratings and result for all applications which are available to any app store? Wouldn’t it be easier to automatically block all unauthorized apps? It’s just one request away from you?