International experience in
hunting global
cyber threats

12 years experience in cyber security.
One of the most decorated LEA teams (all team members are
decorated by FBI director, BKA Germany, etc)..

Cyber Security Cluster

DVC Solutions with partners established Cyber Security Provider


We integrate cyber threat intelligence research capacities, software engineering capacities, secure data center capacities.


All services are designed and developed via joint projects with partners where DVC Solutions has roles as business management and business development center for all projects.

Cyber threat intelligence


Projects & Services

Providing 2 types of services and 2 types of project set.

Corporate Cyber Security

Cyber Threat Management Service is a service based on Cyber
Threat Intelligence. It is designed for corporate sector with
established cyber security infrastructure.

Malware Intelligence

Malware Variants

Malware Services

IaaS (Infrastructure
as a Service)

Adversary Intelligence

Indicators of Attacks

Tactics and techniques

Credential Intelligence

DW forums Monitoring

DW Marketplace Monitoring

Comm App Intellingece

Market App Intellingece

Vulnerability Intelligence

Operating systems

SW and web app


Server platform

Network appliance or endpoint

Cyber threat management


Service for SMES

Cyber Insurance
Mapped Security

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