Intelligence Management

Enterprise Mobility Management

EMM is control and configuration mechanism that helps you to make your business productive and safe at the same time. EMM has tools which can control and keep safe from malware or a damage all your files, documents and informations while keeping it safe at the same time. Contains three parts: Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile App Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM)

GPS and Tracking Systems

GPS and Tracking System gives you reliable, flexible and permanent product with the highest quality. It is easy to install, simple to use and easy to improve. The proposed solutions are: Video surveillance, Vehicle monitoring, Fire protection, Access control, Power system, Active network equipment, Structured cabling, Detection of intrusions, Track business hours.

Location Based Services

Location based services (LBS) are services offered through a mobile phone and which takes into account the device’s location. LBS are largely dependent on the mobile user’s location. The primary objective of the service provider’s system is to determine where the user is. LBS is an information service which key feature is to provide content for big data analysis, and it can be used in social networks, entertainment etc…

Security Solutions

Security solutions are one of the most important issues these days, and developing and maintenance of security policies and practice became very important. Protecting organization from unauthorized entrance is imperative. Also, enterprise’s network could be a target of infiltration and propagation of viruses and malicious code via e-mail. That’s why Security solutions offered antiviruses’ protection and firewall protection.

Cloud Solutions

Is a system which allows you to archive and create safe backup data? Access data become faster and searching time shorter, centralized system and equipment, and makes manipulation with data much simpler, and all procedures cooperate with your needs. This system contain Cloud VPN, and Cloud business mail server. Cloud VPN allows you to connect more locations in one private, virtual network. Cloud business mail server is solution for all users who need good, functional e-mail for their business.

System Integration

Main goal of system integration is to support business, accelerate business processes and to reduce the risk and to increase efficiency of employees and whole system. Based on analysis of needs and business of each client we suggest solution. System integration contains: Solutions for small and medium business, System for the storage, archiving and saving, Wireless network, Computer and communication networks, Consolidate communications, Data centers, Virtualization, Delivery of equipment and materials.