About us


Our mission is to create environment for our clients in which they could feel and enjoy all benefits of IT technology in their business. We are strongly focused and committed to quality, innovation and your time. Our philosophy is: „Problems does not exist, only challenges“. We value teamwork and take care of our employees because only happy and satisfied employee makes the team great, and transforms ‚‚every problem to a successfully solved challenge.


Our vision is to create a fresh environment where clients are nourished to thrive and succeed. We carefully pick our projects because they will define, shape and present us tomorrow. We want to keep and gain friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff that encourage, solve problems and educate our customers. We want to become the first name which comes to your mind when you need a solution.


Who we are

We are dynamic and proactive IT company located in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our team is built from young professionals who are ready to make your story live and visible at any time. What’s not visible does not exist. Business is made of decisions and it’s your choice will they be good or bad. Let’s start making good decisions together. Success has nothing common with average. Our team is not average, our company is not average and our clients are not average. We believe life is treasure, if you are surrounded with the right people, and our IT solutions prove we are the right people.

In order to provide better support to our clients, we invest in our team with minimum 320 hours of professional education per year. This is what gives us capacity, resources and tools to solve any IT problem you could have or to provide any solution you could need.

DVC has the capacity, experience and knowledge to focus on the each client individually.

We listen. We appreciate feedback. We know how to make what you want. We backfire.

We are not wizards, but we know magic, and all our magic is on your demand.

What we do

In past years we have worked with companies from different economic areas on domestic and foreign market and with different public institutions. With you, we create opportunities and success. We learn from our clients and our experience, that’s why our products are recognizable by high quality.


We offer:

  • Software development
  • Create and develop web sites
  • Web service and mobile applications (Android & iOS)
  • Graphic design
  • SEO optimization
  • Online marketing
  • Project management